Where does Man stand in the cosmic scheme? The answer is disturbing. Man is the only thing keeping the Gods alive…

The tales of Gods spreading their genes, and their essence, amongst Man have been around since there were Gods. Human belief is all that keeps these Gods from disappearing from existence…and at the rate things are going, the Gods are going to disappear for good.

This wouldn’t be a story of fighting the Good fight if there wasn’t a " But ". The Gods know something is afoot, and that something is the End of Man. There exists, amongst two different groups, a belief that Man is what is holding them back. The Vampires and Werewolves are hell bent on wiping Man from this plane, though they are not cooperating, their goals seem to be oddly aligned.

The Werewolves believe that eradicating Man will heal the World, and bring it all back into Balance. They refer to this culling of Humanity as the Moonless-Hunt. The time when they must perform acts of violence to bring the world to the proper order of things.

The Vampires believe that Humanity is now merely a plague. With millennia of having their hands in every Human affair they can, they have managed to create a true Synth-Blood . This has lead to Kindred now existing off of a Chlorophyll based quasi-vitae, making Humans worthless for their existence. They believe that if they can wipe Humanity from this realm, they can assume true power and begin the Endless-Night .

It is up to the players to stop this from happening. They are members of a particular organization know as the Helios-Imperigium . Trained from the age of 12 to work together, and assume their Role as Avatars of the Gods. Each of them is a Child of a God, and have the particular traits and essence of these Gods. It is up to them to save Humanity and their Parents.

more to come

The Measure of a God