For millenia vampires have existed off of the Blood of Humanity. This has always been a curse to them. It’s meant that they must hunt and capture, or keep Humans as a group. All the while, they have to keep Humanity from knowing as a whole that Vampires exist.

Fast forward to the 21st century. With the financial backing of the majority of the key players in Kindred Society, a Synthetic Blood substitute has replaced Human Vitae all together. The new Synth-Blood is an exact replacement for Vitae, giving the Kindred freedom from their tie to Humanity, and the dangers that stem from that.

It’s chlorophyll based. This has lead to the early samples, while fulfilling exactly what was promised, causing Kindred to bleed green, their skin take on a greenish hue, and their eyes turn green. When you live for as long as you keep yourself alive, what is a few years of annoyance?

more to come


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